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Dog training in Orlando and the Central Florida area is my main mission. I specialize in behavior rehabilitation and am 100% dedicated to the well being of all dogs, and believe that any dog, given time and effort, can be rehabilitated and become a well- balanced member of the family. They’ll never be perfect, but huge improvement can be made.

With the number of adoptions taking place now, dog training in orlando has become more important than ever. We know many of you in the Orlando and Central Florida area are experiencing dog behavior issues with your beloved canine and need help to correct those issues. When people reach the point of total frustration, they often look to turn their dogs over to a shelter, or seek out a rescue group who will take them. Unfortunately, most of these organizations are full and won’t accept any dogs, especially when there are aggression issues. No one wants to deal with that.

Typical dog behavior issues include: Uncontrollable pulling on leash during walk, aggression toward people or other dogs, biting, excessive barking, dominance, disobedience, and neurotic behavior among others. Whether you obtained your dog from a breeder, shelter, or rescue group; structure, rules, limits, boundaries, and proper manners, are often replaced with affection, nurturing and sympathy. This makes you feel good about yourself and does your heart good, but it’s not what the dog needs. Structure, discipline and good pack leadership is what your dog really needs to become well-balanced and happy. Often times, these are overlooked and eventually people decide to give up, and send the dog away, and in some cases, go to county shelters where they end up being euthanized. We believe that almost any dog, any breed, at any age can be rehabilitated. Before you give up on your dog, let Dog’s Best Friend of Central Florida teach you to be a better pack leader and show you how proper dog training and behavior rehab can give you back the furry pal you always wanted. We are dedicated to helping people and their dogs maintain a healthy, happy relationship. Sit and stay is all well and good, but that has nothing to do with behavior. We believe in teaching a “lifestyle” both in your home and out in public. You should always be proud of how calm, well-mannered, and behaved your dog is no matter where you are or what you are doing. Please take a few minutes to browse my site, and feel free to contact me any time.

“Creating well-balanced families one dog at a time.”

You may contact us at any time using our Contact Form, via dogsbestfriendcf@hotmail.com , or by calling 321-689-6725 for your FREE consultation.